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The Kriston Method approaches the pelvic related symptoms differently

What Is The Kriston Method®?

Research Based Pelvic Health Program For Strong and Tight Hidden Muscles

The Kriston Method® is a unique and integrative 12*-hour training which approaches pelvic health differently. This health educational method integrates an effective, clinically proven exercise program for women, men and people that identify with another gender to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The exercises help with the conditions of incontinence, organ prolapse, erection issues, hemorrhoid, vaginal weakness. We recommend it for all ages to preserve and restore healthy abdominal organ function.

This step-by-step approach is carefully designed and includes 250-300 exercise elements. These elements enable  100% of the participants to successfully acquire the correct pelvic floor technique without the aid of any devices.

*The length of the training  varies.

Everybody succeeds regardless of age, fitness level, or previous experience.

Body-Mind-Emotion Approach

Positive Body Image, Increasing Self-Esteem

The Method includes several body-mind-emotion strategies to uncover and heal negative emotions, undesirable experiences, sexual failures, fear, guilt, shame, and traumas. These have enormous effects on your current pelvic health. Also, this unique approach brings forth a positive body image, increasing self-esteem and body awareness.

During our training, we reinforce a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Self Care Program

Ultimate Healing in 10 Minutes A Day

The unique Kriston pelvic health method provides a personally tailored exercise program for every participant for home practice according to their pelvic  health concerns and symptoms. During the training every participant will address daily habits which also play a role in their pelvic health concerns. Participants will learn protective daily habits which will contribute to maintain and reclaim healthy pelvic organs and trained pelvic floor muscle. In a matter of weeks with diligent at home training, most people recognize visible and noticeable changes for the better.

The Kriston Method positively impacts pelvic related issues, such as:


Incontinence (fecal/urine)

Sexual dysfunctions

Menstrual disorders




Menstrual disorders

Irregular cycle

Premenstrual syndrome

Negative body image

Low self-esteem



Frequent masturbation

Pelvic pain


Frequent stomach pain


Erectile dysfunction

Premature ejaculation


Enlarged prostate

Prostate inflammation

The Kriston Promise

Body – Mind – Emotion

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